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Friday, April 20, 2018

eCommerce Taxonomy for large product catalogs - introducing Swagiggle.com

We wanted to take a moment on our blog to introduce our new in-house project, a Shopping search engine - Swagiggle.com

We started Swagiggle to show the power of well organized product data and how we can use our own tools to make it happen.

The WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM is an innovative product that helps retailers organize their product data by doing three things:

1) An eCommerce taxonomy category hierarchy, attributes and specification templates editor that lets retailers create their own custom category structure into which they would like to categorize their products.   For each product category, a specification, or attribute, template can be defined detailing the metadata that should be collected on items placed in this category.

2) Providing access to WAND's library of pre-defined product and service categories (organized into a hierarchy) and attribute templates.  This pre-defined taxonomy content substantially speeds up the process of creating an eCommerce product taxonomy

3) Product information Management Capability which allows our clients to manage and enrich their product data including categorizing the products to the custom taxonomy that has been created in the tool.  Specifications can be assigned to specific products and other metadata fields like descriptions and pricing can be managed in the tool.    The WAND PIM helps clients by leveraging the taxonomy created to automatically suggest product categories and attributes for individual SKUs based upon the description provided.

WAND decided to become our own customer and we are using the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM to create a brand new comparison shopping search engine called Swagiggle.com.   Swagiggle is now in beta release and you can play with it!    We have taken more than 225,000 products across dozens of online retailers and placed them into a detailed eCommerce taxonomy with more than 2,000 categories.  We think our categorization is second to none in its depth and specificity.  We'll be adding new products and new categories all the time.    Next on our to-do list is to begin assigning attributes to the individual products in our categories so that users can easily filter to the product they'd like to buy based on brand, color, size, and more.

We'll be posting more updates and details as we add new features to Swagiggle and to our eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM.  If you'd like to explore how to use the WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM to organize your product data - give us a shout.