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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Taxonomy in Documentum Content Server

We continue our series on applications that can use taxonomies with this feature on Documentum Content Server.  EMC Documentum is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and  Forrester Wave Leader.  It's a formidable player in the enterprise content management space and it has built significant taxonomy related features into its software.

In Documentum, the taxonomy features reside within the Content Intelligence Services (CIS) module.  Taxonomies can be imported in CSV or XML formats - the WAND  Taxonomy Library Portal supports downloads in the Documentum CIS format)

CIS allows for automatic categorization of documents to terms in the taxonomy.  CIS uses a rules based approach to categorization where keywords and key phrases are associated with each taxonomy category as evidence.  This evidence will be used to match documents to categories in the taxonomy.  Depending on the strength of the match of the words in a document to the evidence associated to a taxonomy term, a document may or may not be placed in each given taxonomy category.

Content can also be manually categorized in Documentum Content Server, without CIS.

Once content has been categorized to a taxonomy, a Documentum administrator can make the taxonomies available to end users. This means that users will be able to see the taxonomies and use them to navigate and search content.  From Documentum's Content Server 7.2 Administrative User Guide;

"When you bring it online, the taxonomy, its categories, and categorized documents appear to users under the Categories node in Documentum Administrator and in Webtop."

This is a powerful tool for making content more usable and findable within Documentum Content Server.

Starting at page 377, you can read more about the detailed capabilities of Content Intelligence Services in Documentum Content Server 7.2:


WAND Taxonomies covering every industry and business topic can be imported into Documentum Content Server to jump start a taxonomy initiative in Documentum.