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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WAND Taxonomies in Smartlogic Semaphore

WAND Taxonomies cover nearly every industry vertical segment and business functional areas and can jumpstart taxonomy development for use in a wide variety of information management applications.  We'll be using this blog to highlight how WAND Taxonomies can quickly be imported and begun to be used in different applications.
To start  I want to go step by step and show how a pre-built WAND Taxonomy can be quickly imported into SmartLogic's Semaphore Cloud to jump-start the development of the ontology models that an organization needs to manage information effectively.
WAND Taxonomies cover almost every business topic and can be brought into SmartLogic Cloud in a matter of moments.  

Taxonomies can be selected and downloaded from the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.  For this example, we’ll show how to import the WAND Human Resources Taxonomy, shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

The taxonomy will be downloaded as an XML file with a .TTL file extension.  TTL is a specific type of RDF file which is commonly used in semantic and ontology modeling.
Once the .TTL file has been downloaded, it’s time to import it into Semaphore Cloud.  In the Semaphore Cloud home screen, we’ll create a new model by clicking on the gray tile and call it “WAND HR”.  This will create a tile for the model, shown in the lower left of Figure 2.

Clicking on the WAND HR model tile will take us to the interface where we can edit this specific model in Figure 3.

Figure 2
The model is created empty. If we didn’t have the WAND HR Taxonomy, we would have to begin to create the model from scratch.   Instead, we can import the WAND HR Taxonomy and instantly populate this model with hundreds of professionally built concepts that are ready to be customized with the Semaphore Cloud ontology management tools.   Click on the menu icon to the right of “Master” in the header and choose “Import”.

Figure 3
Next, as shown in Figure 4, simply navigate to the .TTL file that was downloaded from the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.

Figure 4
Success! The WAND Human Resources Taxonomy has been imported and now appears in the Semaphore Cloud ontology manager, shown in Figure 5.   The taxonomy can be tailored to be specific to your organizations needs including trimming terms, adding terms, and creating new relationships between concepts.  

Figure 5
 A user can get started with Semaphore Cloud because it’s an entirely cloud based solution.  Importing a WAND Taxonomy rapidly speeds up the process of creating an ontology model for an organization.  It’s a great combination that makes it easier and faster than ever to begin leveraging ontologies and metadata to effectively manage, govern, and search corporate information.

WAND and SmartLogic recently did a joint webinar called “Discover Practical Solutions for Cloud-Based Information Governance”.  
Learn more about the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal and more about the complete capabilities of Semaphore Cloud.