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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Taxonomy in SAS Ontology Management

Taxonomy and ontology are critical in text analytics because they give context and meanings to the words in the text making them more than just keywords.

WAND provides taxonomies and ontologies for nearly every industry vertical and business functional area.  These models can jump-start a taxonomy initiative for a text analytics application by giving a strong foundation of terminology for a business area. Today we continue to profile applications where WAND Taxonomies can be imported to add value to an enterprise information management initiative.  

SAS is a leading enterprise software vendor focusing specifically on business analytics.  To support its text analytics and document categorization applications, SAS has a standalone application called SAS Ontology Management which gives users the ability to manage taxonomy and ontology models.

Using SAS Ontology Management, ontologies can be managed including adding concepts, managing hierarchies, creating concept attributes and metadata, and more.  Vocabularies in SAS Ontology Management can be published out to consuming applications via export or API.

Specifically, per SAS's website, SAS Ontology Management...
  • "Includes built-in integration with SAS Enterprise Content Categorization to enable automatic document categorization; entity classes from SAS Ontology Management can be uploaded to a SAS Enterprise Content Categorization Studio data repository as extraction or classifier concepts.... Output to metadata repositories, including SAS Metadata Server, SharePoint, FAST, EMC Documentum, Endeca and others, is connected via APIs"  
We'll follow up on how SAS Enterprise Content Categorization takes advantage of taxonomy in an upcoming blog post.

SAS Ontology Management is an important tool because it serves as a centralized repository for organizations that wish to take a semantic approach to managing content.   Any such organization will need taxonomies and ontologies.  The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal is a great place to start. WAND Taxonomies can speed up the time it takes to get value from an investment in SAS Ontology Management because organizations can more quickly develop the vocabularies needed to be published to consuming applications.

SAS Ontology Management Resources: