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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Taxonomy in Oracle Webcenter Content Categorizer

Taxonomy is a foundation component of an enterprise information architecture in content management.  Oracle Webcenter is a major content management system, so we want to explore how taxonomy can be used with this tool. Unfortunately, online documentation about how to manage taxonomies within Webcenter is extremely thin.  We do see, however, copious references the fact that Webcenter does use taxonomies.

A key tool inside of Oracle Webcenter is called Content Categorizer. Content Categorizer allows for automatic tagging or classification of documents to taxonomy metadata either in a batch or in real time as content is checked in.   Content Categorizer has its own rules engine for classification, but it also has an open API so that clients can use an external taxonomy manager and classification engine, (such as SmartLogic Semaphore).  As a note, if you are using an external taxonomy management tool, the answer as to how to edit taxonomies, import taxonomies, etc is extremely clear.

From Oracle's documentation:

Content Categorizer provides organizations with the capability to use one or more taxonomies within WebCenter Content Server. In addition to its out-of-the-box categorization tools and functionality, Content Categorizer provides an open API for third-party categorization engines. With this open architecture, users can take advantage of the rule sets and taxonomies provided by third-party categorization tools. As a result, organizations can choose the categorization engine that best fits their business needs. For example, organizations can use their existing vertical industry taxonomy to organize their managed content into specific categories and subcategories.


Additional Resources:

More details on Content Categorizer from Oracle

If you are an Oracle Webcenter client, ask your client services rep for more information.   WAND Taxonomies can be used as a starting point for creating your own custom industry or business functional taxonomies for use in Oracle Webcenter.