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Monday, February 3, 2014

WAND Product Information Management System

One mission at WAND is to make taxonomies available to our customers for organizing unstructured information.   Another important mission is to find ways to make taxonomy easier to use.

With that in mind, we are announcing the release of the WAND Product Information Management System (PIM) built entirely around the leading WAND Product and Service Taxonomy. For the first time, it will be easy for companies to manage detailed information about products and SKUS.  The WAND PIM will enable users such as retailers, catalog providers, marketplaces, and more to:

•Import product data
•Classify product data to any of 44,000 product or service categories from the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy
•Audit and customize detailed product attribute templates from the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy to suit their individual needs including hiding/showing, renaming, and re-ordering attributes and attribute values
•Assign attributes and attributes values to individual products and SKUs
•Manage product descriptions, price, model numbers, images, videos, collateral
•Export data in a variety of formats to suit a preferred content management system or e-commerce system.

The WAND PIM is a SaaS solution that can quickly be deployed with minimal IT resources.   

We are designing this solution for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors who have need normalized product information for websites, marketing collateral, inventory systems, and more.

The WAND PIM can be enhanced by professional services from WAND to assist with template customization, product classification, attribute collection, and data format creation. 

If you are interested in seeing an early demo of the system, please let us know! Just send a note to mleher at wandinc.com or call (303) 623-1200 x267