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Thursday, July 25, 2013

WAND K-12 School District Taxonomy now released!

I am proud to announce that the WAND K-12 Taxonomy (a.k.a. the WAND School District Taxonomy) is now available.
WAND K-12 Top Level Terms
WAND created this taxonomy to cater to school districts who want to better organize documents and content.

Developed by a former school board member, the WAND K-12 Taxonomy has 733 terms and an additional 359 synonyms covering all the major concepts, processes, and documents that a school district would encounter including academics, activities, athletics, administration, facilities, personnel, support services, and more.

The WAND K-12 Taxonomy is a foundation taxonomy meaning it is designed to get a school district a starting point that is 80% of what is needed in a taxonomy.  From there, a district can customize the taxonomy with terminology that is specific to that district.

See more at www.wandinc.com/k-12-taxonomy.aspx