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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Come see the new WAND website at www.wandinc.com

The team at WAND has been hard at work redesigning our website and we've officially re-launched it at www.wandinc.com.

We believe this new website better reflects the products and services that we are bringing to the market.   For the first time, all of the taxonomies that WAND offers are reflected on our website, instead of just the limited subset that previously appears.

You can also learn more about WAND Within, our taxonomy partnership program,.

Interested in taxonomy professional services, WAND has a variety of services that we are performing for our clients.

We also have a brand new WAND Knowledge Library where you can find white papers, solution papers, videos, and other resources about taxonomy and the value they bring to organizing information.

Check it out: www.wandinc.com