Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy

WAND has always had a Building and Construction Taxonomy that covered equipment, supplies, and services. But, managing construction involves much more than just equipment and services.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a comprehensive WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy that goes beyond equipment and supplies and covers construction documents, construction management, heath and safety, project types, compliance, financing, planning, and more. 

This taxonomy is designed specifically to tag and organize all types of documents associated with a construction project and is ideal for any construction management organization. 

All in all, the new WAND Building and Construction Taxonomy has over 3,200 terms and over 700 synonyms.

The WAND Building and Construction taxonomy is available standalone or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free General Business Taxonomy for SharePoint 2010

Do you have a SharePoint 2010 project and wondering how to get started with managed metadata?

WAND, as announced in March 2011 on the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog, provides a free general business taxonomy for users of SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online.  Download it here and instantly get started with taxonomy content in your term store to begin to tag documents today:


The General Business Taxonomy covers human resources, IT, Legal, Accounting and Finance, and sales and marketing.   It is designed to provide high level terminology of each of these areas that is ready to be customized with terms specific to your organization.  Thousands of companies have downloaded this taxonomy to help launch a managed metadata and tagging initiative in SharePoint 2010.

If you're looking for taxonomies on other topics, WAND has a selection of other taxonomies available for license covering most major industry segments as well taxonomies that any business can use such as records retention and project management. A list of taxonomies available is at: